Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Eating Your Way Through Houston

Get Ready to Eat Your Way Through Houston Texas

Houston is a diverse city with cultural neighborhoods that combine to make Houston the 4th largest city in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. When you think about the top three cities, you cannot avoid speaking about the cultural foods found among each city's inhabitants. It's for this same reason that Houston is on the leading edge of food and entertainment. For a City with a population over 4-million, Houston is one of the most diversified dining industry in the US. Below you will find some of the best Foodie Feasts to be had in Houston.

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Eating Your Way Through Chinatown in the Bellaire Area of Houston

Houston Foodies can find a complete food court and market featuring many delicacies from Hong Kong. Houston's Chinatown is rich in history and the neighborhoods that surround Chinatown are filled with hardworking people who take their food seriously. Besides Chinese fare you will find Vietnamese food as well. A particularly delicious dish is the Vietnamese Cajun crawfish which is a featured dish a Crawfish and Noodles. You will find your source of Dim Sum from HK Dim Sum also located in the Chinatown area of Houston.

Eating Your Way Through West Houston, Katy area of Houston

Visiting the westside of Houston brings you close to a well known dining facility and cultural center, the Phoenicia. Inside you will find thousands of local fare. Baklava, Tabouli, Thai cuisine, cabrito (goat) cooked over an open pit, a huge Korean superstore and more. All these outlets are designed around food; both cooked and raw. A trip to the west side of Houston may bring you back home a few pounds heavier after visiting one of Houston's most Foodie spots.

Eating Your Way Through Midtown Houston

Houston's central business district has plenty of workers to feed and plenty of choices for workers to choose from. Midtown Houston began to grow bigger at the turn of the 20th century and for 100 years it has build itself up into a tightly packed and committed neighborhood. The intersections of Alabama with Main Street is where should begin to venture out to the four corners of Midtown. You'll find the Continental Club, Breakfast Klub, and Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails are all just around the corner from you.

Eating Your Way Through Eastside

Mexican food is best when prepared by an experienced chef of Mexican delicacies. In this part of town you will find Ninfa's, probably the best Mexican in the United States, operating alongside, Moon Tower Inn, El Tiempo Cantina, and Voodoo Queen. Even though Mexican food reigns supreme on the east side, you can find contemporary foods at restaurants that do not feature Mexican food.

Eating Your Way Through Historic, Market Square Houston

Houston's Original center, the Market Square Historic District contains such eateries as La Carafe, the oldest bar in Houston, OKRA Charity Saloon, The Pastry War, El Big Bad, Bovine & Barley, Treebeard's, Moonshiners, and Hearsy Gastro Lounge. As you can see, the diversity is vast. From new-age cuisine to historically delicious Mexican Foods, The Historic, Market Square of Houston has the foods to satisfy a Foodie's appetite.

Eating Your Way Through the Heights of Houston

Heading to the Heights of Houston is like visiting a living museum. Being one of the oldest and most developed area of Houston, here you'll find foods, coffee, meats, fowl, desserts, entertainment and more. Boomtown Coffee, Cedar Creek, Coltivare, Down House, and Hugs & Donuts all have facilities in the Heights of Houston. Choosing which one to visit is up to you, but you'll be happy to know that all these choices have been made because they deserve the recognition of being one of the best Foodie spots in Houston.

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